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Scholarships are available from the National Association of Abandoned Mine Land Programs.

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2021 Scholarship Information

2020 Scholarship Winners

Graduate Recipient - Md Abu Raihan Chowdhury, Kent State University
Md Abu Raihan ChowdhuryMd Abu Raihan Chowdhury finished his undergrad from the Department of Geology at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Having been born in Bangladesh, he has witnessed communities suffer from the lack of safe drinking water. Bangladesh experiences naturally occurring high arsenic concentration in its groundwater and the consumption of the contaminated water by marginal communities has resulted in what many refer to as the largest mass poisoning in history. The struggle of the relatively poor communities for safe drinking water has made him very passionate about the global water crisis and groundwater contamination. For his master’s at Wright State University (WSU), OH he examined the effectiveness of the Nanoscale Zerovalent Iron and Powdered Activated Carbon composites for the contaminated groundwater remediations. After finishing his master’s, he came to Kent State University for his Ph.D. in 2017. He started to work with his advisor Dr. David Singer who introduced him to the extent by which abandoned mines impact the surrounding environment and the communities. After conducting more research on the impact of abandoned mines he came to realize that even though scientists have been studying abandoned mine sites for decades, there is still a lot we do not know regarding the abandoned mines and its impacts; such as the occurrence and fate of the colloidal pyrite generated from abandoned mine spoils. He also realized that there is a vast scope for future research on abandoned mines. Future research on abandoned mines should also focus on new and improved technologies to remediate abandoned mine sites so that we can return the abandoned mines to the communities where they belong. More research needs to address possible extraction of rare earth elements from mine spoils and the acid mine drainage impacted areas. As a researcher, he wants to lead the future developments in the field of abandoned mine sites reclamation in a way that will benefit the communities around them and ensure that those areas will not have to be abandoned anymore.

Western Recipient - Tanzila Alam, Yale University
Tanzila AlamTanzila Alam is a rising junior who plans to study Environmental Engineering at Yale University this fall. Previously, she attended California State University, Fresno, where she majored in Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences. Outside of the classroom, Tanzila is an undergraduate researcher, a community volunteer, and a student leader in various organizations on her campus and within the Central Valley. Growing up in California, Tanzila developed a strong interest in engineering and the environment over the years. Both of these fields play an integral role in her hope to become an environmental engineer within her state, which is home to many inactive mine sites. In the future, she is excited to pioneer solutions for land reclamation to combat mine subsidence, abandoned mine drainage, and landslides that pose a threat to human health and the environment. Tanzila is honored to be a recipient of the 2020 NAAMLP Scholarship for the Western Region.

Past Scholarship Winners

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