These Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Awards are presented to abandoned mine land reclamation programs that completed exemplary reclamation.  The objective is to give public recognition to those responsible for the nation's most outstanding achievement in land reclamation and to encourage the exchange and transfer of successful reclamation technology.

The 2014 Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Awards were presented in Columbus, Ohio, during the National Association of Abandoned Mine Land Programs' annual conference. The awards and winners are:

National Award - INDIANA
AML Site 309, Mill Creek Highwall Project in Pike County, Indiana, for addressing an extremely dangerous highwall adjacent to a heavily traveled road. The project also rebuilt the county road to improve public safety and implemented natural stream morphology to benefit the community and the environment.

Small Project Award -MISSOURI
The Big Ben Emergency Shaft Project in Springfield, Missouri, for the project's help re-laying and stabilizing the foundations of two homes that were affected by a subsidence issue caused by an abandoned vertical mine shaft.

Appalachian Regional Award - MARYLAND
The Aaron Run Watershed AMD Remediation Project in Westernport, Maryland, for the project's help in reintroducing native brook trout to Aaron Run by eliminating acid mine drainage inflow and raising the pH of the stream to meet Maryland's water quality standards.

Mid-Continent Regional Award -IOWA
The Goff AML Reclamation Project in Marion County, Iowa for, eliminating dangerous highwalls, piles and embankments, pit ponds, and industrial/residential waste. The scope and complexity of the project meant that partnerships had to be forged among industry, landowners, and local conservation groups in order to succeed.

Western Regional Award -COLORADO
The Smith Hill Coal Mine Reclamation Project in Crested Butte, Colorado, for helping to eliminate a significant amount of coal waste on Smith Hill Mine. The project improved the habitat, reduced the instability and erosion of the waste, and improved the functionality of the land, which is used for recreational purposes and as a cattle load-out area.

For more information on each award wining project, please view the Fall 2014 NAAMLP Newsletter.

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This award was established in 2001 and is presented in memory of Stan Barnard (1958-1998). It is given to an individual who exhibits Stan-like qualities of outstanding dedication, commitment, and hard work toward the enhancement of the Association. This award is presented at the National Association of Abandoned Mine land Programs' annual conference. This year's winner is:

Steve Herbert - Indiana



This award was first presented in 2006 in memory of Dave Bucknam (1941-2004). Any active or inactive state, tribal, or federal employee designated as an instructor by the OSM National Technical Training Program is eligible for the Dave Bucknam Outstanding Instructor Award. This individual must exhibit the special qualities of dedication, leadership, compassion, and commitment as epitomized by Dave Bucknam in promoting the training of state, tribal, and federal employees. This award is presented at the National Association of Abandoned Mine land Programs' annual conference. This year's winner is:

Nancy Roberts - Office of Surface Mining


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